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Intensive TitleSpeaker/OrganizationCategoryCopy and Paste Link in New Browser Window
Envision Special Needs Ministry in Your Church! Marie KuckSpecial Needs
Essential Children's Ministry Greg Baird / CookNew to Children's Ministry
Lead your Children's Ministry to its God-Given Potential! Ruben & Efraim MeulenbergCreativity, Vision
Children's Ministry Handbook - Hands On Development Heidi HensleyPolicy, Structures, Strategy
How To Determine, Develop and Deepen Your Volunteer Team Craig JutillaVolunteers
How to Communicate in EVERY Situation with Clarity, Confidence, and CreativityKeith Ferrin Communication
Caring for Your SoulMelissa MacDonaldDiscipleship
It’s Time to Install an Update! Digital Solutions for Moving Your KidMin ForwardMichael Covington/DisciplrTechnology
Children Ministry, the Door to Family Ministry Ron Hunter and D6 Team members/ D6 Family Ministry