The Children’s Pastors Conference (CPC) is the largest independent conference for children’s and family ministry leaders.

At CPC18, you will…

• Feel rejuvenated and empowered after hearing from world-class leaders

• Gain NEW skills, tools, and insights from over 120+ breakouts led by kidmin experts

• Get connected to tools, curriculum, ideas, and more for your ministry in the incredible Resource Center

• Discover new friends in an environment filled with leaders who love serving kids and families

Get the training and resources you need for a thriving ministry!

What CPC Attendees Are Saying!

“God helped our team to get to know each other better and helped us to see God’s vision for our future together. It (CPC) also gave me inspiration to keep going for the next year!”
“I was so amazed at not only how organized but how special you made me feel. I felt supported, loved and prayed for. I can’t thank you enough for the time and energy you put into this event. It does not go unnoticed.”
“The speakers were amazing. God answered through them all my doubts and questions of my purpose for the ministry I am in. God is amazing and He surely was present! I am ready to carry out the great commission and whatever else He is preparing me for.”
“It was outstanding, very informative, useful information, practical, networking opportunities, on point, relatable and refreshing!”
“I had a lot of light bulb moments on things that needed changed or improved in my ministry and personal life. I felt spiritually renewed like I was ready to “take on the world” again. Kids ministry is ever changing and I appreciate how the speakers and leaders are on the cutting edge of what is happening and giving us the most up to date training. I appreciate the focus on our spiritual well-being.”


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