This year's Pre-Con experience is one you don't want to miss. We're offering 3 different learning options from 2-4:30 on Monday, January 14. So come early and maximize your CPC19 experience for just an additional $49!

Leadership Bootcamp:

Leadership Bootcamp will get you in shape and on the right path to upping your leadership game. Jim Wideman has been leading others and building teams for over four decades. He’s led children’s ministries from 7 kids to over 5,000 weekly. You’ll learn how to be a next level leader that starts with yourself and spills out to your team.

Presented by Jim Wideman

Discovering Strategic Next Steps for Successful Ministry to Your Preteens:

Fourth, Fifth & Sixth grades are a critical stage in life where the brain is changing more than any time except for birth-two. Learn both philosophical & practical ways to build an intentional ministry that allows preteens to transition into owning their own faith.

Presented by Sean Sweet

Gospel Centered Children's Ministry:

There are so many things that compete to be at the center of our ministries. Centering on the gospel genuinely transforms our lives, our leadership, our teaching, and our families. We will explore Biblical, practical ways to focus ministry on the truth of the gospel and why it really matters if we do.

Presented by Sam Luce, Danielle Bell and Jenny Funderburke Smith