General Session Speakers

Beth Guckenberger
Beth Guckenberger

Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, Author, Speaker, Child Advocate

Jada Edwards

Creative Services Director for One Community Church, Speaker, Mentor

Keith Ferrin

Author, Speaker, Blogger, Word-for-word Biblical Storyteller

Jim Wideman

Executive Operations Pastor at The Belonging, Speaker, Author, Children’s Ministry Pioneer

Alex Seeley

Co-Lead Pastor at The Belonging, Author

Katherine Wolf

Co-Founder of Hope Heals, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

Toni J Collier

Founder and Director of Broken Crayons Still Color, Pastor at Hillsong Atlanta

Curtis Zackery

Founder of Find Rest, Pastor, Author


  • Monday, January 10
  • Tuesday, January 11
  • Wednesday, January 12
  • Thursday, January 13
6pm-7pmEarly Check-In Parade
8:30am-9pmCheck-In Open
9am-10:30amGeneral Session One, including Prayer Experience
10:45am-11:35amBreakout #1
11:35am-2pmLunch Break - extended time
11:50am-12:20pmFirst Coaching Appointment - during lunch
2pm-2:50pmBreakout #2
3pmGrand Opening Resource Center
3pm-5:30pmResource Center Open
5pm-7:30pmDinner Break - extended time
7:30pm-9pmGeneral Session Two
9pm-10:30pmResource Center Night Life!
8:30am-5:30pmCheck-In Open
9am-10:15amGeneral Session Three
10:15am-3:45pmResource Center Open All Day!
10:30am-11:20amBreakout #3
11:35am-12:25pmBreakout #4
12:25pm-2:45pmLunch Break - extended time
12:40pm-1:10pmSecond Coaching Appointment - during lunch
2:45pm-3:35pmBreakout #5
3:50pm-5:20pmGeneral Session Four
8:30am-6:30pmCheck-In Open
9am-10:15amGeneral Session Five
10:15am-4:30pmResource Center Open All Day!
10:30am-11:20amBreakout #6
11:35am-12:25pmBreakout #7
12:25pm-2:45pmLunch Break - extended time
12:40pm-1:10pmThird Coaching Appointment - during lunch
2:45pm-3:35pmBreakout #8
3:30pm-4:30pmResource Center - Final Hour
4:45pm-6:15pmGeneral Session Six


CPC is well-known for providing the most dynamic and applicable breakout training for anyone serving in children’s ministry.

You have the opportunity to select your sessions from a wide variety of categories and topics for each of the 8 breakout hours offered during the event. In addition, CPC gives you the opportunity to reserve your spot in the breakouts of your choice before you arrive on site. No worrying or rushing – your seat is saved in the breakouts of your choice. (Register early! You definitely want to be ready to go when breakout reservations open up!)

Review the Breakout List below for detailed information on each breakout.


As a CPC22 participant, you have the opportunity to schedule a free, 30 minute one-on-one coaching appointment! This unique opportunity allows you to bring a specific question or issue to a personal, one-on-one conversation with an experienced ministry leader.

Our coaches are deeply committed to serve you, our CPC participants, by helping, inspiring, and equipping you in your role as a children’s ministry leader. Each one of our amazing coaches complete an INCM led training specifically designed for CPC, and come alongside you with many years of ministry experience.

*Coaching appointments are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Don’t wait to register and sign up!

Resource Center

The CPC22 Resource Center will provide you with access to tools, resources, and people that help you lead and grow as a leader who disciples kids and families.

During CPC22, you will find valuable information, resources, free gifts, and experts to connect with about your ministry’s needs! The Resource Providers at CPC22 are approachable friends who are happy to answer your questions, so plan to visit and chat with them throughout the event.

It wouldn’t be the Resource Center if there weren’t amazing giveaways, prizes, and games… this year will be no exception! You’re not going to believe the prizes and giveaways coming!

The CPC22 Store is also available in the Resource Center – this is where you will find gifts for yourself and your team members.


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